Światowa premiera POWRÓT NORWIDA

W Lipnie, podczas 15. Przeglądu Twórczości Filmowej POLA I INNI będziemy mogli zobaczyć Marka Probosza w przedpremierowym występie w monodramie Powrót Norwida. 

Norwid’s Return

Based on true events Norwid’s Return is a minimalistic contemporary dialogue between the actor and the pianist, a rich tapestry between words and music in which Norwid pulsates with emotion and provokes with every thought.

The stage is set to a contained space of a mere paper square-the representation of Norwid’s spiritual and material reality, the homeless world of an emigrant, a reflection of the inner world of an outcast. In this realm of tension, rebellion and passionate intellectual polemics, the paper stage is gradually ripped, defaced, and ultimately torn to shreds. Past and present intertwine making painful settelments with a rejected love, society and criticism, which ridiculed his work as “complex” and “brilliantly suicidal”, and the Russian Tsarist regime, which condemned him as an exile and prohibited his return to the homeland.

The dialogue between the actor and the pianist is a dynamic collision of words and sounds, a web of inner contemplation and resonance which reverberates deep within the heart of human emotion, confronting traditions, and enchanting with radical truth and the raw genius of a poet ahead of his time. By melding and cleaving a stage play and musical performance, it illuminates the Norwidean darkness, solitude and complexity of his mind.

The rejected visionary, a homeless emigrant returns to us today, more then 200 years after his birth, as one of the greatest world poets, a contemporary innovator who delights, cheers, moves, and shocks with aesthetic radicalism.

Director: Marek Probosz

Written based on the works of Cyprian Norwid: Kazimierz Braun

Musical Arragement: Anna von Urbans

Produced by: Marek Probosz

Running Time: 90 min.

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